600 BHP Firetube Boiler

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Model No.PBC 600
Place Of OriginTexas
Brand NamePBC
Packagingloading available
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specification

600 boiler horse power steam boiler,150 psi see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/600-bhp-firetube-boiler-2576-2346.htm
4MT Dual Cylinder Steam Chain Boiler
4MT Dual Cylinder Steam Chain BoilerSpecifications: 1) Actual evaporation: 4MT/h 2) Pressure: 1.25MPa 3) Saturated steam temperature: 194oC 4) Water supply temperature: 20oC 5) Tested thermal efficiency: 79.6% 6) Outer size (L x W x H)
Vertical-Type Atmospheric Electric Energy Hot Water Boiler
Vertical-Type Atmospheric Electric Energy Hot Water BoilerFeature: CLDZ, LDZ, CWDZ, WDZ series boilers are our new developed boilers after oil/gas fired boilers. It is safe and reliable, pollution-free, noise-free, easy installation, which can be widely used
YL Series Organic Furnace
YL Series Organic FurnaceYGL series coal fired organic furnace. Capaity supply from 60kw to 900kw.
Oil (gas)/Coal hot water boiler
Oil (gas)/Coal hot water boilerProduct characteristicsHigh efficiency and energy saving, especially with the rising price of fuel, Compared with the fuel boiler, cost can be saving about 75%Two stages, the main fuel is goal, second
Wall-Mounted Gas Boiler
Wall-Mounted Gas BoilerFeatures: 1) Six series: single heating, emerald, sapphire, ruby, chrysoberyl, diamond 2) Over forty dimensions available 3) Latest models: a) Europeanism fool-proof model b) Mini elegance s
Cast Iron Hot Water Boiler
Cast Iron Hot Water BoilerFeatures: 1) Equipped with high efficiency water change machine 2) Inward temperature: 5°C 3) Outward temperature: 50°C 4) Effect of heat change is relevant to boiler temperature and
coal water mixture boiler
coal water mixture boiler The brief introduction of CWM(Coal Water Mixture)Coal Water Mixture is a new kind of clean fuel,and a new member of fuel family.It includes coal (60-68%) as its main component and water(32-40%)
DZL serial coal fired boiler
DZL serial coal fired boilerTECHNICAL SPECIFICATION : NAME UNITS SPECS Rated steam output: t/h 1 Rated Working Pre:
Chain-Grate Barrel Furnace
Chain-Grate Barrel FurnaceFeatures: 1) Energy-saving 2) High efficiency 3) A range of structures available 4) Rational design 5) Advanced processing capabilities 6) First-class quality, complete after-sales service
Integrative Series organic heat carriers
Integrative Series organic heat carriersRated Power:10-130Design pressure (Mpa):0.6--1.1Maximum working temperature:320
Light Oil Burner
Light Oil BurnerSpecification:BT-3LF 1.) Minimum thermal output: 8.0 KW 2.) Maximum thermal output: 42.7 KW 3.) Minimum thermal capacity: 0.65 Kg/h 4.) Maximum thermal capacity: 3.5 Kg/h 5.) Motor rated powe
Water Pipe Fuel Steam Boiler
Water Pipe Fuel Steam BoilerWe supply water pipe fuel steam boilers.

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