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Numereous Complete Timber Plants and machines which have been projected by USTUNKARLI, are currentiy operated succesfuliy with high efriciency and pleasing such as at certain countries in Europe and Africa beside domicile usages.
Among these countries the leading ones are Russia, Romanla, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Greece and among the African countries are Ivory Coast, Benin and Cameroon.
The technical office consists of 2 engineers and 5 technicians where innovations and new machine designs are realized.
CNC machining centers pruvides high quality, standartization and high production capacity of machined parts.
Machines which were manufactured by USTUNKARLI have strong steel and cast iron construction and alI were created with strict care together with high skill and experience of USTUNKARLI staff.
All our machines are installed by our service team which can give support to customers all around the world. see details:

Products/ServicesUSTUNKARLI supply/manufacture Woodworking Machines, Leather Processing Machines
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Home Product Making Machinery  |-  Furniture Making Machinery  
|-  Woodworking Machinery  |-  Saw Machinery  
|-  Woodworking Machinery  |-  Other Woodworking Machinery  
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