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About TriMen Chemicals

I would like to introduce our company,TriMen Chemicals,and offer our services to you.
Since our founding in 1998 we have a track record of five years of successful cooperation with pharmaceutical companies from United States and European Union. Due to expansion of our lab space and,therefore,synthetic capabilities we are looking for new customers and collaborators.
We provide the bench-scale synthesis of organic compounds and assistance with process development and route selection. We can help you each time when the chemist's time and problem solving capabilities are needed. Making low volumes of high value products is our core competency.

TriMen guarantees the full protection of the intellectual property provided by our customers (an appropriate "Confidentiality Agreement" is a standard) and that generated during project(s) accomplishment.

Take advantage of cooperating with us! Beside the service that I'm sure you will be satisfied with,our world-class infrastructure and scientists can work on your projects at very competitive price. If you need a short-term supplier of really-fine-chemicals we will be happy to cooperate with you. But if you will to look for a long-term strategic partnership,there's hardly better choice than TriMen Chemicals. For the time being,please take a look at the templates we made in the past - as an illustration of our synthetic capabilities.
Please feel free to ask further questions about our enthusiastic,growth-oriented company. If you would like to know some references from the companies that we cooperated with so far do not hesitate to contact me. see details:

Products/ServicesTriMen Chemicals supply/manufacture Custom organic synthesis,fine chemicals,medicinal chemistry projects
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