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About Pau Tai Industrial Corp.

PAU TAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is the leading PVC stabilizer manufacturer with headquarter in Taiwan. The Company was founded in 1972 for PVC processing additives production and service. And in recent 10 years,specializing in high efficiency low-toxic and non-toxic stabilizers,organotin stabilizer,and plasticisers. Till today,due to working closely with our customers and continues to develop the most technologically advanced stabilizers,Pau Tai becomes the leading and professional PVC stabilizer manufacturer.

Today,Pau Tai provides an extensive product portfolio targeted to the needs of the PVC industry. The product portfolio includes full-line of stabilizers,plasticisers,lubricants,activators,organotin stabilizers,processing aids,phosphites and variety of additives to solve many processing problems. We are committed to improve product quality,manufacturing process and reduce manufacturing cost for our customers. Our customers are supported by the Company well-trained,experienced service team in terms of formulation and processing.

In order to insure the product of the Company meet the worldwide quality standard,Pau Tai manufacturing sites are ISO 9001 certified. To provide the full time service for our customers,the company founded manufacturing sites in Xiamen as well as Xian. Pau Tai is clearly committed to its worldwide partners as evidenced by the recent established of Advance Chemicals Ltd. With USA and Japan major companies. The factory had started to produce Methyl/Butyl/Octyl tin stabilizers,Phosphite Esters. And 2-Ethylhexyl Thioglycolate.

To guarantee the Company quality control program from the raw materials to the finished products has the same level with the international quality standard,our laboratories are equipped with the latest technology facilities,including GC/mass spectrometry,IR and a variety of other chemical analytical devices. Our processing laboratories are equipped Testing Roller,Accelerated Weathering and Torque Pheometer.

Over 34 years of leadership in PVC additives,Pau Tai is committed to providing customized formulations of multiple additives and continues to research and development the latest technology polymer additives to improve processing in the dynamic vinyl industry. We continue provide the technical innovation by delivering better,safer,wider product portfolios. We continue achieve customer satisfaction by supporting high quality products and excellent services. see details:

Products/ServicesPau Tai Industrial Corp. supply/manufacture Methyltin Stabilizer,Processing Aid,Phosphite
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