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About Bema Seat Management Services

Bema seat is an marketing consultant that assist SMEs to improve their business through export. Currently it runs a few trade portals:
Giant Food Manufacturer Alliance(GFMA)
Giant Broker and Trader Alliance(GBTA)
Alternate Health Center(AHC)
We are looking for affiliates and consultants to work with us for business representation. If interested please visit GFMA or GBTA. see details:

Products/ServicesBema Seat Management Services supply/manufacture Marketing consultant and trade facilitator
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Advertising  |-  Internet Marketing  
|-  Consulting  |-  Internet Marketing  
|-  Consulting  |-  Technology Consulting  
|-  Consulting  |-  Trading Consulting  
|-  Designing, Processing, Custom Made  
|-  Software Design  
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