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About Jiffy Hitch Systems,INC.

The jiffy hitch was invented in 1991 by this company. A jiffy hitch is a two part (male/female) system used to couple a farm tractor to almost any type of farm implement/equipment without "hands on" assistance or labor. The driver need not get off the tractor,or even leave the seat,while hooking an implement to a tractor. This systems has returned many handicapped persons back into productivity when using a tractor for work. For the non-handicapped person,this system is also highly sought after simply because it works so well. Not hassle,not strain,no muscle work needed when cannecting a tractor to a piece of equipment. See out web site ,our company provides these hitches all over the world. We also carry,and supply,a large inventory of various new,rebuilt and used tractor and implement parts. We either have in stock,or locate,parts for old,vintage,or antique farm tractors and equipment. We recondition/rebuild engines,motors,cylinders,pumps,wheels,axles,trailers and farm support equipment. We custom design special purpose equipment,parts,or attachments,for tractors,trucks,trailers,etcetera. We fully fabricate custom designed equipment and parts. Our personnel work with hydraulic,electric,gas or diesel operated pumps,motors,engines and support parts. We also work on most drive train parts for wheeled and light track vehicles and equipment. We sell and ship assorted parts and equipment any where in the world. We service what we sell. see details: http://www.hiwtc.com/company/1147566/

Products/ServicesJiffy Hitch Systems,INC. supply/manufacture Jiffy hitches,farm equipment,farm implements,hand tools,power tools,tractor parts and service,welding,fabrications & other metal working. New & used equipment
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