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About Ren Technologie Gmbh

Ren technology gmbh,located in neuruppin,the city of our famous poet fontane,is pleased to cordially welcome you
Ren technology gmbh offers
Manufacturing of semi-finished products and insulating materials for the electrical industry
Manufacturing of carbon semi-finished materials for subsequent processing in industry and handicraft
Manufacturing of electrical passive elements in composite style
Brokers in know-how,technology and tailored solutions,within the range of low-temperature infrared in sandwich design laminate of electrical insulants.
The industrial market has changed drastically in recent years. Any industrial supplier who wishes to function as a valued partner,has to offer more these days than just quality products.
Getting involved in the thinking about products and product development,coming forward with integrated tailor-made solutions,quickly reacting to a variety of preferences,service,reliable deliveries,knowledge of products and applications within low-temperature the infrared range all are fair these capacities as important these days.
Directive 2002 / 95 / EC restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic equipment
Directive 2002 / 96 / EC waste electrical and electronic equipment
Products / services
Electrical insulators based on vacuum autoclave technologies using certified prepregs with glass / epoxy matrix for high-quality requirements in industry and handicraft.
Carbon-sandwich design / two-and three-dimensional
Special materials designed to reduce the temperature of electronic elements
Composite passive electronic elements
Fulfilling the requirements of our customers,considering "co-makerchip base material",we produce electrical / electronic insulating materials-rigid-and thin-laminate-for the PCB industry as well as other industry applications,with selected base materials like fiberglass and epoxy matrix,with and without copper foil.
Carbon processing based on sandwich superstructures customized to the needs and requirements of our customers
Our research activities are aimed at
A) new base materials that show new physical / mechanical
Characteristics fulfilling requirements of new electronic elements to the base material (laminate) .
B) new carbon products (two-and three-dimensional) . The sandwich design with carbon opens a wide range of use and can help simplifying and advance your production and products
All manufacturing is processed in vacuum autoclave technology and ensures constant output quality and high product safety.
Certified environmental management-system
C) extremely infrared on basis carbon for special heating with minimum
Electrical-energy for dwellings and workshops
The ren-group has every variety of expertise available to meet contemporary organisations,consists of two small flexible companies each with its own speciality. But we are also an effective combination which,by marshalling all its forces,is capable of supplying customers with products at competitive prices and with added value: know-how,technology and tailored solutions. see details:

Products/ServicesRen Technologie Gmbh supply/manufacture Carbon Sandwich,Base Material,Extremely Infrared Heating
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