Edward Systems,Inc.

About Edward Systems,Inc.

* engaged in the field of lighting industry by supplying qualified lamp manufacturing machines and equipment with the process technology having cumulated experiences from early 1990's to world wide.

- standard compact fluorescent lamp manufacturing plant: Triple u-type or quadruple u-type cfls at the capacity of 1,200 pieces/hour
(from tube cutting mc to aging mc,pinch type sealing method and qualified exhausting system using both liquid mercury and amalgams)

- spiral cfl manufacturing machines and mini cfl manufacturing machines are also available.

- semi-automatic hid lamp making machines and equipment: Metal halide lamp,sodium vapour lamp and mercury lamp

- various kind of halogen lamp manufacturing lines: H4 automobile head lamp,par halogen lamp,etc

- other specialty lamp manufacturing machines: Ccfl,hid xenon lamp,fpl/fml/fdl,etc

* engaged in the field of fiance engineering services by arranging the lenders for the projects of real estate development,and lease or sales of bank instrument like as sblc,bg,mtn,etc.

* engaged in the consulting services for lamp manufacturing,real estate development,funding,etc. see details: http://www.hiwtc.com/company/1127696/

Products/ServicesEdward Systems,Inc. supply/manufacture Lighting bulb,lamp making machine,compact fluorescent lamp,metal halide lamp,hid xenon lamp,halogen lamp
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Auto Electrical System  |-  Auto Lighting System  
|-  Lighting Bulbs & Tubes  |-  Energy Saving & Fluorescent  
|-  Lighting Bulbs & Tubes  |-  Halogen Bulbs  
|-  Lighting Bulbs & Tubes  |-  Metal Halide Lamps  
|-  Others  
|-  Metal Processing Machinery  |-  Metal Bending Machinery  
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