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Are you tired of dirty charcoal bags and harmful lighter fluid? We are too,so we developed a new better way to grill---with our Ready-to-Light Charcoal Premium BBQ Bricks,a kind of new Charcoal Premium Controlled-Cooking Brick source.

The difference is in the brick. Our brick is scientifically designed to provide a clean,consistent,long burning cooking source with a low-ash,high BTU. It's the only brick that provides up to 2 hours of constant clean heat at 350 degrees,that's more than twice compared with traditional briquettes,so adds up to a lot more hamburgers,steaks,hot dogs,chicken parts,pork chops,ribs,vegetables and grilling fun.

Believed to be the first instant-light charcoal in the world,China-made Blueking B&Z Miracle Blaze Ready-to-Light Charcoal Premium BBQ Brick had earned a US patent pending in addition to its China patent pending and other patent applications. Most remarkable is B&Z Miracle Blaze Briquettes'ready to light,safe & healthy & environmentally friendly,and consistent long burning period with high output of heat :

Ready-to-Light : there are a petroleum-free organic instant-lighting layer on the top side of the brick,just use a piece of match only to light the brick ,then the brick burns,also burns rapidly,the fun of BBQ is shown to the largest degree.

Safe & Healthy & Environmentally friendly : the flash point of our charcoal brick is higher than 550C,and it can be stored and transported at normal temperature and circumstances. It's constant temperature avoid food poisoning,also better preserving the taste. there are absolutely no solvents in our B&Z Miracle Blaze instant-light charcoal,many instant-light charcoals use solvents but not our instant light briquets,we are dedicated to helping consumers create a healthy great tasting meal,we use a proprietary,U.S.A. FDA-approved technology. Because we donot use solvents or any other toxin in our product,so are absolutely not harmful to eat food cooked over our Ready-to-Light charcoal bricks,that's just one of the many reasons it's so revolutionary. Extremely clean-burning organic compound,there are virtually no smoke and very low ash,low sulfur emission,no waste. The volatile organic compound(VOC) emissions resulting from the ignition of the self-lighting briquette are less than/equal to 0.020 pound of VOC per start(no more than that),we are making great efforts all along to develop compliant,low polluting products for clean air environment. It is certified by the State of California Air Resources Board and complies with the U.S.A. South Coast Air Quality Management standards.

Consistent long burning period with high output of heat : that's a consistent 2 hours heat source at 350 degree,most charcoals deliver very inconsistent temperatures,spiking early on and then declining fast ; Read-to-Light Charcoal premium BBQ Brick holds a relatively consistent temperature over the entire 2 hour's burn time,making for a low-ash,high BTU.

Our one pack design makes portability and storage even easier,perfect for picnics,tailgate partys,camping,beach outings,backpacking,etc. and easy,clean storage at home.

our Ready-to-Light Charcoal premium BBQ is certified by the state of California Air Resources Board and complies with the U.S. South Coast Air Quality Management standards.

"After using Ready-to-light Charcoal Premium BBQ Brick,you will never want to use the traditional old generation charcoal anymore since really there are no point in doing so anymore."

The ultimate solution for barbequing!

More than back to nature!

Just enjoy the miracle blaze and take the Kitchen Outdoors
Product ServicesReady-to-light charcoal premium BBQ brick,ready-to-light charcoal brick,ready-to-light,instant light charcoal,miracle blaze briquettes,instant light briquettes,charcoal bricks,miracle blaze
Business RoleManufacturer
Number Of Employees51 - 100 People
No. Of RD Staff5 - 10 People
Main MarketsNorth America
Contract ManufacturingOEM Service Offered
Contact PersonMr. Zhang Rechard
Company Address20 Hongkong Middle Road,Qingdao,Shandong,China,Qingdao,Shandong,China
Postal Code266071
WebsiteB&Z Miracle Blaze Inc., http://www.hiwtc.com/company/1127561/, http://www.readytolightbbq.com
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