American Scrap Metal Trading Company

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Zinc Ash, Dross, Dust
Zinc Ash, Dross, Dust

About American Scrap Metal Trading Company

American Scrap Metal Trading Co (ASMTCO) was established in 1965. In the begining we were a small town business collecting scrap metal,supplying to local and surrounding foundries. Over time with our proper handeling of our customer needs we grew with our name. We are well reputated with in this industry. Our honesty,promptness and our dedication brings our customers back to us over and over.

With changing markets we like to focus on international trade. We have been trading with countries like India,China and parts of Europe. see details:

Products/ServicesAmerican Scrap Metal Trading Company supply/manufacture Copper,brass,aluminum,steel,non-ferrous metal
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Recycling  |-  Metal Waste  
|-  Iron & Steel  
|-  Non-ferrous Metal  
|-  Wire Mesh  
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