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Woven Brake Linings
Woven Brake Linings
Brake Shoe
Brake Shoe

About Dhruv Industries

Manufacturers exporters of brake blocks/linings(rigid moulded,rubberised/woven rolls),disc brake pads/shoes,clutch facings/buttons/plates,friction sheets/discs/gears.

Also offer brake drums,brake rotors,brake wear sensors,brake bonding adhesive,brake lining rivets/nut bolts and brake hoses/pipes,brake fluid etc.

Products are suitable for automotive(hcv/lcv,trains,tractors,passenger cars,2/3 wheelers) and industrial applications.

ISO 9001:2000.

Backed by manufacturing and marketing experience of over 30 years to 40 countries. see details: http://www.hiwtc.com/company/1125296/

Products/ServicesDhruv Industries supply/manufacture Brake blocks,brake linings,disc brake pads,brake shoes,clutch facings,clutch plates,friction sheets,friction discs and friction gears.
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|-  Auto Parts  |-  Brakes  
|-  Auto Parts  |-  Clutches & Parts  
|-  Automobile  
|-  Motorcycles  
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