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About Teleone Sdn. Bhd.

Teleone Sdn. Bhd. Was established in 1999 specializing in supplying&manufacturing wide range of telecommunication products and accessories namely cellular phones,single line phone,cordless phone and key phones. We carry major telecommunication product brands namely Panasonic,Sharp,GE,Southern Bell as well as our own brand known as Teleone.
We are presently engaged in assembling cordless phones and single line phones using local&foreign components for our export market. We manufacture this products in accordance with our customers' requirement with their respective brand names as well as our own Teleone Brand.

Our customers comprise of household consumers to distributors&wholesalers. We cater for the needs of all types of customers and supply our products according to their needs,from the every simple and cheaper range of products to the expensive.

We are constantly looking to expand and develop mutual beneficial relationship in the global market. We strive to offer the best manufactured telecommunication products and ensure good service to our customers worldwide. see details:

Products/ServicesTeleone Sdn. Bhd. supply/manufacture Caller ID,cellular phones,single line phone,cordless phone,telephone&cellular phone accessories and many more.
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