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We would like t o introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer of MASTERBATCHES in India for the last 20 years. We produce MASTERBATCHES for all types of plastics like LDPE,HDPE,PP,PVC,ABS,PET,Polycarbonate etc.
At the moment,we are exporting our MASTERBATCHES to USA,Europe and many other countries. Our capacity to produce MASTERBATCHES is 5000 MT per annum. We have the most sophisticated plant and high technically skilled labour to produce a good quality MASTERBATCHES at the competitive price. We think that we are very competitive as far as prices are concerned and our products are economically viable to export everywhere in the world.
We understand that you are a potential customer of MASTERBATCHES and we would like to offer our MASTERBATCHES for various applications.
Kindly let us know your requirement for any types of MASTERBATCHES and ENGINEERING COMPOUNDS. We assure,we would offer you a good product at the most reasonable price.
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Products/ServicesProminent Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd supply/manufacture Masterbatches,PVC Compounds,etc
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