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About Kiteguild International,Inc.

Kiteguild international was corporated in october 1993 in the state of delaware,USA. Kiteguild international inc is operated by a team,with over 20 years experience in the mining and constructions,refineries,water and oil wells industries and procurement for the united nations&ngos for humanitarian projects.

Since 1993,kiteguild international inc has been actively involved in procurement exercises for major importers,government and multinational companies based in africa,europe,asia,south american and the middle east.

Procurement international is a division of kiteguild international inc(usa) procurement international is currently based in the gambia in collaboration with corporate marketing holdings(gambia)ltd situated at cmh house(aboveharry's supermarket) 100 kairaba avenue,pipe-line,k. M. C,serekunda,the gambia.
As sellers:

We are in direct ties with buyers(as agreed and assigned procurer for products). We also help build up markets and get the best traffic possible in sales,leaving a healthy and more stable market in place.
We do consolidation(weput small sellers supplies together to form a bigger consignment) and do market confirmations that our clients are given the best possible deal and durability in the market.
We aid and provoke flexible and dynamic ways to trade and help evolve the african business people and markets to be able to synchronize with the rest of the worlds business circle.

Procurement is our expertise.
Kiteguild international inc works as procurement officers for african commodities scrap metals,raw cashew nuts,teak wood,groundnuts,cotton&cottonseeds,sesames seeds etc and a whole lot of other known or unknown markets.

Kiteguild international inc is involved as manufacturers representatives,for companies seeking means to penetrate and evolve the active african and virgin markets.

As buyers:
Our duty as buyers is to attend to the locals problems in negotiations,banking formalities and planning. Working closely with locals as procurement machines to buy from office pins to commercial airliners,securing deliveries and formulas for stocks management and control.
Kiteguild international inc offers services into sectors that help foreign based players come to the african continent on the basis of the free zone scheme where major re-exportation from gathering(stocking)points serves as immediate supplying points to other ports and hinter lands(countrieswithout sea ports).
Also kiteguild international inc is involved in encouraging the opening of new approach for higher and new front in sales in the africa continent.

The above are a few of our main focus in the; rice,sugar,wheat,fertilizer,paper and stationary items,textiles and a whole host of other products in the building and machinery industries.

Kiteguild international inc has a very wide international networking team with our head office in the usa(philadelphiaand new york),singapore,india and very close partners in the gambia,senegal,mauritania,mali,guinea bissau,sierra leone,nigeria,ghana,tanzania and a host of other african countries.
Our drive is to make business in the african continent move and run smoothly,just like any where in the developed world.
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Products/ServicesKiteguild International,Inc. supply/manufacture Mining,constructions,refineries,water
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