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About Shant Plus Llc

'Shant Plus' LLC passed several development stages during its history. The history of 'Shant Plus' LLC goes back to 1986 when two brothers Manvel and Varsham Gharibyan established one of the first private ice cream companies in Armenia - 'Dzyunik' (Snow).

First it was engaged in the production of soft ice cream and right from the beginning the 'Dzyunik' ice cream become very popular in Armenia. In 1995 the brothers privatized the old building of a bus station,which has stopped operating several years ago. The building was in extremely bad condition. But the brothers following their motto 'Value and Quality' reconstructed it and rebuilt into a nice,neat and clean ice cream production plant. 'Dzyunik' was renamed into 'Shant' FEC,by the name of Varsham's wonderful son Shant.

In 1999 'Shant' FEC was renamed into 'Shant Plus' LLC.. see details:

Products/ServicesShant Plus Llc supply/manufacture We are leading manufacturer of ice cream,bisquits & sweets,as well as confectionary and related items in our region
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