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About Shahfaya Trading Corporation

Regards. Allow us to introduce ourselves. Shahfaya Trading Corporation is a reputable pharmaceutical company dealing in the import and export of diversified pharmaceutical generics,raw materials,cosmetics,surgical items and pharma. related products. Being the exlusive pharma. company in the Sharjah Airport Free Zone since the past 5 years,we have gained quite an experience and expertise in providing esteemed clientele with their specific requirements.
Our knowledge of the African market also comes from being incharge of the imports which are required by our sister concerns based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. MOHAK Labo. Pharma. is a manufacturing unit consisting production and marketing of seventy-five different types of syrups,dry syrups,tablets,suspensions and ointments. The Company's marketing strength has been in the effective scanning and timely launch of new,technologically advanced molecules. The strategy has consistently given the organization a distinct edge over the competition. 'Indaphar 92' and 'Alpha' are significant and reputed whole-sale units also in Kinshasa which sells not only the quality brands of MOHAK but is also an importer of finished products from well known international companies. Also to be taken into consideration would be the fact that Indaphar 92' is at present the sole supplier of UNDP and the only pharma. company registered with MONUC (United Nations). In the second biggest city of Congo,Lubumbashi,there is also the presence of yet another successful wholesale unit by the name of 'Alpha-Lubumbashi'. All four are one of the key players in the pharmaceutical market of Congo,and with the help of Shahfaya which oversees the smooth purchases and on-time delivery,continues to grow in a steady upward trend. One of the ways that we are being able to do is working with first class banks from the U.A.E alongwith having competitive and well-established suppliers.
Our competitive advantages,noted below,would ensure the formation of a pragmatic and consistent relationship:
Reasonable prices
Personal consideration of your requirements
Supply of diversified range of drugs
Skilled Management
On-time delivery due to ideal geographic location of the U.A.E
Competitive advantages such as the availability of raw materials and finished products in the country
Development of joint production arrangements with advanced companies of the world
Attractive and cost effective packaging
We would appreciate to entertain any queries that you may have. Please feel free to contact us on the following address: see details:

Products/ServicesShahfaya Trading Corporation supply/manufacture import and export of diversified pharmaceutical generics,raw materials,cosmetics,surgical items and pharma. related products.
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