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About Pw International Pte Ltd

Trading and distributor of food,beverage and cigarettes. Factory in china and carry own brand of snacks food for distribution to se asia and europe. Supplies mainly to supermarkets and kiosks throughout singapore,malaysia,indonesia and phillipines,also export to europe and middle east. Range of snacks includes biscuits,sweets and confectionary items. Own brand and also make for overseas customers. Factory in xiamen with a manpower strength of 500 workers. Presently diversifying into beverages like juices and beer. Looking into the export market for beer in africa. see details:

Products/ServicesPw International Pte Ltd supply/manufacture Food,beverage,cigarettes
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Cigarette & Tobacco  
|-  Beverages  
|-  Confectionery & Candy  
|-  Snacks  
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