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Wolmax International is committed to construct the highest quality hand sewn Soccer balls for International Football Clubs,buyers,wholesalers,and importers throughout the World. Our sports products are famous in international market for quality and competitive prices. We have the capacity and team of skilled and experienced workers to provide you quality products meeting international standards. We not only believes in 'Quality product' but an overall quality environment too,providing customers with quality in services,communication,product development,delivery dates & every other related aspect.
PRODUCT RANGE: Soccer balls,Foot balls,Match balls,Training balls,Low bounce balls,Promotional balls,Volley balls,Rugby balls,Mini balls,Goal Keeper Gloves,Track Suites,Coaching Jackets,Soccer Kits and all other soccer related accessories.
PRODUCTION CAPACITY: We can produce 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 balls per month.
STAFF: We have currently about 150 employees in our factory ,which do their work with dignity. In stitching unit we have 1000 workers for stitching the balls.
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. Chamber of Commerce & Industry see details: http://www.hiwtc.com/company/1121791/

Products/ServicesWolmax International supply/manufacture You can buy all kind of Soccer products (customized with your company's logo),Wholesale or Retail,at very very COMPETITIVE prices.
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