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About Ags Paraffin Company

AGS Paraffin Industry and Trading Inc. ,is established in 1987. The firm has 4. 500. 000 $amount of fund. It serves as one of the leading paraffin manufacturers in Izmir / Turkey. Through its high standard of quality,the company produces and exports different grades of paraffin wax such as% 0. 5 to% 10 oil content paraffin wax. The production capacity of the company is 30. 000 mt per year. It also has tank with capacity of 5000 mt for raw wax storage.
AGS producing polyethylene wax as well
As well as exportation of Petro-chemical products such as the sister company of the firm,AGS Foreign Trade Co. exports and several chemicals such as sulphur,Cmc,Stearic Acid and PE WAX and heavy slack wax see details:

Products/ServicesAgs Paraffin Company supply/manufacture Ags Company Is Leading Company In Manufacturing And Exporting Of Different Grades Of Paraffin Wax In Izmir / Turkey. We Are Capable Of Manufacturing Paraffin Wax With An Oil Content Of% 0. 5 To% 5
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