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About SunMax

Founded in 2001,SunMax Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Whose headquarters is located in Tainan Science-based Industrial Park,South Taiwan,specializes in the production of high quality,cost-effective porcine collagen that is used in biochemistry research,medical applications and
Cosmetics. SunMax Biotechnology focuses its collagen-related R&D efforts on biomedical materials,such as wound dressings,atelocollagen implants,and hemostats. Equipped with cGMP's facilities and complying with rigorous quality control standards,SunMax Biotechnology commits to producing an array of high quality biomedical products.

EOS Pharmaceutical Corporation,located in a technology-rich suburb of Boston,USA,has extensive experience in developing dermatological and skin care products. In past decades,EOS research teams have devoted substantial time and energy on the development of drug delivery system,including bioadhesive delivery systems,transdermal delivery systems,topical delivery systems and cosmeceuticals. In combination with its unique formulation and manufacturing quality,EOS has produced a wide range of effective pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The excellence of these products has acquired the acclaim of the scientific community in this field.

Together,SunMax and EOS have recently launched Essencoll Collagen Skin Care Products to the international markets.

The three dimensional matrix property of collagen provides a high water binding activity that facilitates the regeneration of skin cells. The exquisite blend of plant extracts used,essential for the suppleness and firmness of the skin,reaches the dermis,via the penetrability of a remarkable absorption enhancer,and helps to quickly revitalize the resilience of your skin. Made of pure and natural ingredients and suitable for all skin types,this cosmeceutical series repairs damaged skin by restoring the skin's surface and structure,and reinforces the skin's elasticity and tone. see details:

Products/ServicesSunMax supply/manufacture Special grades collagen for biochemistry and cosmetics use. And Biomedical grade collagen for biomaterials and pharmaceutical applications
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