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About Alphascot Limited Istanbul Agency

Company incorporated under Scottish Law in 1998 at Edinburgh as a North European subsidiary of United Managers Int.,in partnership of Turkish,British,Greek,Bulgarian,ventures and organised carefully to function in variable trade lines,international cross border trade finance,international investments. Our expert managers located on four continents and provide exeptional service to our clients. Our success comes as the result of a strick group policy of being always in high level contact with the world known first hand producers / suppliers and final buyers. Our main expertised fields are; Sugar,Caviar and Smoked Sturgeon Fish from Caspian Sea,Crude Oil,Fuels,Timber deals,Int'l Trade Finance and certainly genuine Scotch Whisky export. To work with Alphascot/United Managers is the way to security,relief,comfort and friendship with the taste of success. see details:

Products/ServicesAlphascot Limited Istanbul Agency supply/manufacture Caspian Sea Caviar,Smoked Sturgeon Fish,Sugar,Sunflower Oil,Margarine,Crude Oil,Fuels,Ferrous Metals,Int'l Trade Finance.
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|-  Aquatic Products  
|-  Food Ingredients  |-  Edible Fats & Oils  
|-  Food Ingredients  |-  Sugar & Sweeteners  
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