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About Giftshine Electronics Co.,Ltd

Giftshine Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional electronics company in Shenzhen of China. We specialize in filed of the Security Alarm products and the company is well-established with many years experience in such area. Now,we mainly manufacture alarm and security products for our OEM / ODM buyers from USA,Europe and Japan. Major products of company include:
* Personal Alarm
* Luggage Alarm
* Door / Window Alarm
* Medical Alarm
* Gas Alarm
* Water Alarm
* Driver Alarm
* Sensor Alarm
* Vehicle Alarm,etc.
We always insist on the growing vision of the creativity and ingenuity for designs,material and concepts,which shows our staff's creativity and conformance.
Besides to high-quality requirement and competitive price,we also take pride in high work ethics and loyal service in proven record,which places top value in building customer's trust and loyalty to our company.
We have great interest and capability in product's design,developing and manufacturing upon customers requirements. Thus,we also look forward to working with many other great and ambitious partners around the world to set up a long-term business relationship on base of equality and mutual benefits in future.
If you have any interests or question about our products mentioned above,please feel free to contact me,and I will offer details or other information of products to you immediately.
More information you can review our website see details:

Products/ServicesGiftshine Electronics Co.,Ltd supply/manufacture Alarm,Personal Alarm,Security,Safety Product,Medical Alarm,Luggage Alarm,Door / Window Alarm / Chime,Gas Alarm,Healthcare Product,Money Detector Pen,Driver Alarm,Motorcycle Alarm,Baby Alarm,Lost Reminder,OEM / ODM Project
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Auto Parts  |-  Security & Safety Products  
|-  Service Equipment & Supplies  |-  Commercial Equipment  
|-  Service Equipment & Supplies  |-  Financial Equipment  
|-  Massager  
|-  Alarm  
|-  Fire-fighting  
|-  Personal Protection & Self Defense  
|-  Safety Products  
|-  Surveillance Equipment  
|-  Pet & Products  
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