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About Actco Company

Actco company is specialty in canned and frozen vegetable I. E. Mushrooms,green beans,white asparagus,water chestnuts; canned fruit I. E. Pineapples,mandarin oranges.

Actco company is also the registered supplier as the insurance trader in Hong kong housing authority and the food and environmental hygiene department of hksar government. We are specialty in general insurance and group insurance industries.

Core business:

Food trader: -
Canned vegetable,
Canned fruit,
IQF food products,

Financial services: -
Insurance agency

General advisory services&services provider: -
Corporate finance,
Commercial lending,
China trade&investment.

Alliance business:
Used papaer recycling,
Packaging manufacturing,
Logistics service - transportation,
Consolidated services - sea&air freight. see details:

Products/ServicesActco Company supply/manufacture Canned food,general services
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Designing, Processing, Custom Made  |-  Food Processing  
|-  Canned Food  
|-  Medicine & Health Products  |-  Health Food  
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