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COSFRE QINGDAO has establised its landbridge transportation service network. l Cargoes to Russia via border city Manzhouli(China)/Zabaikalsk(Russia) l Cargoes to Central Asian countries via border city Alashankou (China)/ Druzba(Kazakhstan) Central Asian countries:Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Tajikistan,Kyrgyzstan,Turkmenistan. l Cargoes to Peoples Republic of Korea via border city Dandong (China)/ Sinuiju(Korea) Containerized cargoes are unacceptable to Korea for the time being. l Cargoes to Mongolia via border city Erlian(China)/Zamynund(Mongolia) l Cargoes to Afghanistan via border city Alashankou(China) Business Scope We can accept the following consignments: Cargoes exported from China laden in international containers(20 or 40) bulk frozen equipment dangerous and over-size cargo shipped to Russia,CIS countries and Mongolia,ect and round trip. Cargoes from third countries laden in international containers(20or 40)or wagons to Russia,CIS countries and Mongolia,ect and round trip. Conventional cargoes from third countries to be stuffed in containers or laden in wagons in China for transport to Russia,CIS countries and Mongolia,ect and round trip. Reefer containers from third countries to be stuffed in reefer railcars in China for transport to Central Asia and round trip To sharpen our edge over other forwarders in land transportation business,we are trying to expand our business scope. we acted as sole agent for totaling 240x40RF(5000tons) of frozen poultry from Long Beach to Almaty,Kazakhstan via Qingdao Port. This is also the first time that reefer containers have been transitted through China Mainland with transloading into reefer railcars. With the support from China Ministry of Railway and competent authorities,we had made smooth onforwarding arrangements from Qingdao Port and border city Alashankou to the final destination Almaty. The customer thought highly of our forwarding operation for so complicated consignments. To sharpen the competitive edge,COSFRE QINGDAO provides customers with the following special services: l Design optimum transportation plans for customers(packing,,transportation mode and route) l Make calculation of transportation cost l Offer consulting service in terms of transportation and trade l Go through customs formality for import and export cargoes l Arrange through-transportation operations l Provide daily cargo trace information l Guarantee steady and reliable source of containers l Accept duty-included consignment Transit Time Via Qingdao � QINGDAO---ALMATY 13days � QINGDAO---ASHABAD 20days � QINGDAO---BISKEK 15days � QINGDAO---TASHKENT 17days � QINGDAO---DUSANBE 18days � QINGDAO---MOSCOW 25days � QINGDAO---ULANBAATER 7days COSFRE QINGDAO LANDBRIDGE ROUTE: l Qingdao------Manzhouli(China)/Zabaikalsk(Russia)------Russia l Qingdao------Alashankou(China)/Druzba(Kazakhstan)------Central Asia l Qingdao------Erlian(China)/Zamynund(Mongolia)------Mongolia l Qingdao------Dandong(China)/Sinuiju(P.R.K.)------P.R.K. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS: ------For a U.S.chicken supplier in the Arkansas State,we provide through transportation for frozen chicken from the processing plant to Almaty,Kazakhstan.This initiates a new channel for frozen cargoes in transit through the China Mainland. ------For a Major Japanese trading company Marubeni,we arrange to move a whole textile factory from Nagoya Japan to Uzbekistan,with the total volume of over 400 TEU. ------For Shandong Shengli Oil Field,we transport 80 wagons of the whole arm of awkward oil exploitation machinery from Dongying Shandong to Mongolia. The client has achieved his targeted objectives through our variety of services:limit costs and improve profitability COSCO QINGDAO INTL FREIGHT CO.,LTD. see details:

Products/ServicesCosco Qingdao supply/manufacture Landbridge railway transport to cis ,russia ,mogolia,etc
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