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About Get Connected

Our Mission

To employ modern technology and develop financial solutions tailoring to individual requirements.

To provide our customers with appropriate technology suited to their needs and designed to help them to contribute positively to their communities through their business activities.

To assist our customers and ourselves to work better,faster and smarter to achieve business success by providing our customers with good quality service and equipment at affordable prices.

Our Vision

We aim to build a growing,profitable company,widely recognised for its ability to respond to all enquiries with efficiency and tailors solutions to meet customer requirements.

A progressive company that anticipates future developments and keeps itself and its customers current.

A company set up not only with the sole aim of generating profit but tuned in to making a positive difference in our community.

We support and encourage special projects that enable our customers to be our partners in helping the community by donating computer equipment that is no longer required for the use of other less fortunate sections of our society.

Our Values

Customer service:

To present quality products with a professional and caring attitude.

To always aim to consistently exceed our customers expectations.

To be willing to take responsibility and provide alternative solutions when required.

To be committed,reliable and dependable.

To communicate well and to always be honest,never fearing the truth.


To work as a team,with a sense of meaning,achievement,learning and development,while having a positive effect in the communities that we conduct our business in.


To value all employees,encourage them to increase their knowledge while giving everyone the opportunity to grow and develop their potential.

To recognise that what you put in is what you get out,and be rewarded for your efforts see details:

Products/ServicesGet Connected supply/manufacture second hand computers and general telecomunications products
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|-  Computer  
|-  Hardware Components  
|-  Second Hand  
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