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About Abc Supersonic Group

Abc supersonic group is a group formed by the coming together of several companies and factories in turkey with the aim of mutual beneficial collaborations. The companies are mainly in the field of construction,textile and leather,wood (including furniture) and food industry. The group acts as representative,agent or distributor as well as counsultants both in the national and international trade. The members have the privalage to trading between themselves at great advantages and with ease and comfort via a one stop station,the group's office in ankara.
We are now looking for more opportunities to extend our scope and circle of business. see details:

Products/ServicesAbc Supersonic Group supply/manufacture Construction chemicals,textile and leather,
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Adhesives & Sealants  
|-  Chemical Additives, Auxiliary  
|-  Inorganic Chemical Materials  |-  Inorganic Salt  
|-  Adhesives  
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