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About Oncu Kimya Ltd.

Company Profile:
We,as ONCU Group of companies,are having experience and a steady knowledge growth of chemical materials since our establishment year,1999. Our aim is to enlarge our activities and services with our professional staff that are good at their area of specialization.
We examine the problems in the chemistry industry which are occurred because of the wrong and defective applications. We give support to the producers and apart from the traditional marketing of chemical materials. We submit technical solutions to our customers.
Thats why our name is " Oncu "; the leader of realizing " some initials " in chemistry market.
Our company is specialized in giving service to the manufacturers and end-users in textile,detergent,water treatment and leather areas with the assistance of our sales and marketing team who are totally chemical engineers. This enables us to share our technical knowledge with our esteemed customers.
Products we are marketing are generally imported from the main manufacturers founded all over the world. As being one of the biggest and oldest trading and manufacturing company in the Turkish market,we are currently cooperating with various sources especially from China,Russia,Germany,Italy,Malaysia,India,Korea,Indonesia. We are the Turkish distributor of the companies in these countries.
As ONCU LTD we have a 30 meter Spray Dry tower that gives us annually 60. 000 metric tons detergent powder capacity. We have our brands and we work with some PL for the others. Our production plant is fully automated and we are certain about our product quality. Our tower is one of the 9 towers in 2 regions.
We know that our success story,which became true in a very short time,is not casual; it is the result of our being hard-working,ambitious,open,analytic minded,avant-garde and honest.
Success doesnt come to you. You go to it!
Our Products:
Alcohol Ethoxylates
Nonylphenol Ethoxylates
Solvents with chloral
Water treatment chemicals
Textile and denim enzymes
Disinfectants and Protectives
Phosphonates (Ion Holding)
Other chemicals
NIPA Products
Tower Powder
Detergent for Hand washing
Detergent for Machines see details: http://www.hiwtc.com/company/1116660/

Products/ServicesOncu Kimya Ltd. supply/manufacture Detergent,Chemicals,Cosmetics
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Dyestuffs  
|-  Fine Chemicals  |-  Detergent  
|-  Personal Care  |-  Cosmetics  
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