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About Renk Kutu AS.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a big producer of corrugated boxes and cardboard sheets within Turkey. In case of you are in need of boxes for packaging your products we can supply you any kind of boxes you are going to require. We are mostly supplying our products for:

Chocolate and related products,
Margarine and related products,
Vegetables and fruits,
Chemicals and cleaning products,
Food,frozen food and related products,
Textile companies and fabrics,and
Wood and furniture.

Our production capacity is 5 million boxes per month.70 percent of which is exported to many countries from Austria,Canada,Israel,Greece,Spain and many others.

In addition to this,some of carton manufacturers established in Israel are buying carton boxes from us to decrease their workmanship expenses.

We would like you to take the advantage of our high quality boxes just like as our other clients from all over the world. We want you to know that our prices are very competitive within Europe.

Our box product specifications are as follows,

Box Types: RSC(American),Die cuttery,FOF,and many others.
Paper Types: Kraft Liner,Test Liner,White Liner,Fluting,
NSSC,in all specifications.
Flute Types: B,C,E,B+C,E+B
Three colour printing is available. All sizes are welcomed on demand.
Please visit our web site and fill in and send our quality form attached and we will send you our prices.

Secondly,we will give representation for the corrugated boxes for packaging the products for Europe,North Africa,Middle East,Asia and North America Regions. If you are interested please contact with us for competitive prices for the boxes.

Thirdly,we are using Kraft Liner,White Test Liner,Brown Test Liner and Fluting in our production. So we are currently buying these. So if any producers that would like to contact about it,please send us your offers regarding to the mentioned below qualifications:

Kraft Liner:125gr/m�,150gr/m�,and 200gr/m�,(600 Tons per month)
White Test Liner:140gr/m�,180gr/m�,(100 Tons per month)
Test Liner:130gr/m� and 150gr/m�,(200 Tons per month)
Fluting:112gr/m�,120gr/m�,and 150gr/m�,(700 Tons per month)
NSSC:127gr/m�,and 150gr/m�,(100 Tons per month)

Additionally we would like to inform you that our corrugated box machine's width is 163 cm. For this reason we are in need of the required paper grammages with the width sizes that I am mentioning below:

Width Sizes:

So according to these inputs,could you please give us your best prices for CFR Istanbul,by bulk.

Hopefully this will be a good opportunity to establish mutually beneficial business relationship between our companies. see details:

Products/ServicesRenk Kutu AS. supply/manufacture Corrugated boxes,cardboard,Kraft Liner,Test Liner,White Liner,Fluting
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