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About Sonalkar Tool Works Private Limited

A Brief History:

Sonalkar Tool Works was started in 1949 by the Mate Sri C.R. Sonalkar. It was a pioneering effort in the field of Small Scale Industries.
The Company went on to manufacture all types of Lathe and Grinding Machine Accessories. In 1984 it established itself as the 'No.1' chuck manufacturer in India.
The Company has gained reputation internationally and has received numerous awards from the Government of India.

Product Line History and Range

The product line of Sonalkar is based mainly on the lathe machine. As Mysore Kirloskar,Harihar was a large manufacturer of lathes,Sonalkar first developed chucks as accessories to these lathes. The quality and standard of chucks produced were a benchmark and other lathe manufacturers started to adopt Sonalkar chucks as standard equipment.

The variety of chucks offered by Sonalkar is a direct result of the fact that numerous lathe manufacturers such as Mysore Kirloskar,HMT,HMT International,GeDee Wieler,Chamundi Machine Tools,Rajkot Premier Lathes,Anil Lathes,all approached Sonalkar and requested the Company to make chucks suited to their lathes.

Apart from this,the engineering ability of the Late Sri C.R.Sonalkar was highly advanced and a set up was developed to make the largest variety of chucks in terms of size and types of chucks.

This is the edge that Sonalkar has over all other chuck manufacturers. Most of the other chuck manufacturers can make only a few sizes and the large chucks manufactured by Sonalkar are not matched by any other in the market.

The types of chucks manufactured (from 80mm to 1500mm) are:

� 4 Jaw Independent Semi Steel Chuck
� 4 Jaw Independent Steel Chuck
� 4 Jaw Heavy Duty 'TITAN' Steel chucks
� 3 Jaw Self Centering Semi Steel Chuck
� 3 Jaw Self Centering Steel Chuck
� 3 Jaw Master Gripping Semi Steel Chuck
� 3 Jaw Master Gripping Steel Chuck
� Grip Right super accurate chuck
� Double slotted 4 jaw Independent Semi Steel Chuck
� Double slotted 4 jaw Independent Steel Chuck
� Combination Chuck
� Watchmaker Chuck
� 2 Jaw self centering chuck
� 4 Jaw self centering chuck
� 6 jaw self centering chuck
� Square chuck
� Hydraulic Power chuck
� Pneumatic Power chuck
� Rectangular Electromagnetic chucks
� Circular Electromagnetic chucks
� Rectangular Permanent magnetic chucks
� Faceplate type chucks

As the chucks were a major part of the machine tool accessories,the Company slowly expanded its line of products to include the major lathe accessories required by a lathe user. The Company utilised its position as a supplier of 'Original Equipment' to include these other accessories.

The products so evolved are:

� Dead Centers
� Revolving Centers
� Steady Rests
� Follow Rests
� Tool Posts
� Quick Change Tool Posts
� Backplates
� Hydraulic Copying Attachment

As the Company grew,the product line expanded to include accessories for grinding machines and new varieties of chucks were also developed to cater to the needs of the users and manufacturers of grinding machines.

The products that cater to the tooling of grinding machines are:

� Diamond Dresser
� Magnetic Plates
� Vacuum Chucks
� Magnetic V Blocks

The most important part of any manufacturing process is quality control or inspection. For the inspection of chucks,the Company guided the ISI to set standards and developed a range of inspection tools- gages

The types of gages manufactured by Sonalkar are:

� Snap Gages
� Plug Gages
� Thread Gages
� Ring Gages
� Thread Ring Gages

Thus,the product mix strategy of Sonalkar was to include a maximum of needs of the machine tools accessories market and use its brand as a symbol of quality and assurance to the users. see details:

Products/ServicesSonalkar Tool Works Private Limited supply/manufacture 4 Jaw Independent Lathe Chucks3 Jaw Self Centering Lathe Chucks
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