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About Ancient Ceramics. Co

Ancient Ceramics Co is the leading hand made terracotta,pottery and ceramic producer in Turkey.
The company's aesthetic and durable handmade terracotta products are produced using ancient Anatolian clay,preserving its discrete formula. Various ancient production techniques and models of numerous Anatolian cultures,Seljuk and Ottoman Empire Turks and Byzantine Empire are used by Ancient Ceramics Co delivering several thousands years of experience to its customers.

Ancient Ceramics Co's work-of-art products are hand crafted by skilled pottery makers using models of rare archeological findings in Turkey. These rare frost-resistant,durable,decorative and functional creations can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications for shelf,table and garden decorations.

Ancient Ceramics Co,with its wide product range and reputation is willing to answer buyers' ceramics and household articles needs worldwide. The company would like to build long-term international business relationships with respectable buyers worldwide see details:

Products/ServicesAncient Ceramics. Co supply/manufacture Flowerpots,amphora jugs,bowls,dishes,vases.
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|-  Home Decor  
|-  Home Decor  |-  Vases  |-  Ceramic & Porcelain Vases  
|-  Antiques & Collectibles  
|-  Candles & Holders  
|-  Clay Figurine  
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