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About Pacific Blue (Bali Fresh)

The company
From the island of bali,surrounded by pristine clear seas,bali fresh is a fresh and frozen sea food supplier who can guarantee to you every requirement with regards to quality,hygiene and delivery.
Our products are offered in various thicknesses,cuts and grading increments,and we have a steak or fillet to meet all specific food services or retail applications.
Our mission is to take freshness and quality to levels exceeding the norm,and to ensure that our products are free from microbiological,chemical and physical hazards. State of the art processing techniques are used to ensure a consistent,high quality product with an extended shelf life.
A note about the managing directors
Roy schofield and peter schofield from the united kingdom,have been in the fish business for over 20 years,they have operated processing plants in many worldwide locations including italy,canada,dubai,the us and indonesia. They are well known in the industry for having an expert eye when assessing the quality and characteristics of seafood,the japanese markets rate them highly and have trusted their buying of blue fin and yellow fin tuna for over 2 decades.
The product
Bali fresh products are guaranteed to be fresh and consistently of the highest quality every time,this is our promise. Products are available fresh and snap frozen,they are processed using the highest standards of hygiene,and vacuumed packed in a temperature controlled environment. Fresh products have a shelf life of 10 days from packing date,giving the customer an easier and safer way of doing business.
The processing plant can cut virtually any shape,size or weight,from whole loins or fillets to steak fingers or cubes. The processing plant will cut to order your customer requirements. The products are ideal for high standard food service and retail organisations. Many five star international hotels with high volume banqueting operations use this product.
The processing system
The plant is specially designed and built using state of the art machinery and technology. The processing system in place is haccp and eu rated. At least 40% of the fresh catch is rejected,and with an expert eye only the prime,fresh and healthy fish are processed. The rest is bought by other factories on the island so beware of cheaper imitations.
Bali fresh in dubai
Hotels can now place orders direct two times per week through our dubai office for delivery within 4-5 days of order. Our reliable trained drivers will make deliveries direct to you from the airport with refrigerated transport. All products are packed and sealed in high-grade polystyrene boxes; they are packed with gel ice and dry ice for ultimate freshness. Boxes and individual products are labelled with the date and time of packing,weight and type of product plus the customer name and expiry date. Each delivery will be accompanied by a health certificate for complete peace of mind. see details:

Products/ServicesPacific Blue (Bali Fresh) supply/manufacture Reef Cod,Tuna,Swordfish,Butterfish,Shark,Crab,Grouper
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