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About Chucks Communications

Chucks Communications is a mobile phones trading company situated in Nigeria.We purchase all kinds of mobile phones in bulks from companies that sell in large quantity and we sell them in singles to our customers here in Nigeria.
Actually,we are looking for companies that sells mobile phones in large quantity that will be supplying us with the latest mobile phones in bulks.If you will like us to be buying from you,we will need differient samples of the latest mobile phones you have so that we can show them to our customers.Once they develop interest in any of the samples you sent,then we can negociate on the price you will sell them to us in bulks.
We are ready to be purchase phones from you so if you are also ready to sell to us,kindly reply us as soon as possible so that we can start real business. see details:

Products/ServicesChucks Communications supply/manufacture Mobile Phones
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|-  Mobile Phones, Accessories & Parts  |-  Mobile Phones  
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