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About Fulcrum Ent. Limited

FULCRUM offers you premium quality coffee beans from Uganda.

It is our pleasure to present to you our company. Please read on to know that we are not just another coffee bean supplier. We are the one that can be your long-term,cost effective,quality coffee bean supplier for these reasons in a nutshell:

(i) Uganda is one of the few places that grows the premium Arabica beans and Robusta beans all year round in the world
(ii) We have the BEST coffee green beans from Uganda;
(iii) We offer the best price for beans of equivalent quality as we believe it is a way to sustain a long term win-win situation with our clients.
(iv) We offer state of the art after-sales service ensuring the satisfaction of every single client of ours.


We are supplying both green coffee beans and roasted coffee beans. We are the main,if not only,exporter for Uganda coffee beans and we are ready to offer steady supply of any interested buyers across the globe.

Due to our very well established relationship with the growers,we are able to offer top quality 100% Arabica coffee bean and Robusta coffee bean. We have staff stationing locally in Uganda to monitor the whole yield process to ensure quality and proper handling of clients' orders.


Coffee beans we sell are grown with no application of any chemical fertilizers,fungicides nor are pesticides,i.e. the beans are ORGANIC.


1. Uganda Bugisu AA is the third African single-origin bean which CBI (Coffee Bean International) has discovered that meets its strict "Limited Edition" criteria.

2. When brewed,Uganda Bugisu produces a delicious cup reminiscent of a fine Kenya AA,but tempered with moderate body and depth of a New Guinea.

3. We supply Drugar,a natural Arabica in dry method,and Bugisu & Wugar,a washed Arabica in wet method.

4. Our Arabica grown at an altitude range of 1,300 - 2,300


1. Grown at varying altitude of 900 - 1,500 Meters above the sea level.

2. Has special attributes compared to other Robusta
- grown on HIGH altitude
- NOT propagated by any genetic modifications
- grown organically
- have hard beans,which is capable of having a good roast
- have mild soft sweet and neutral taste
- have a high frothing property suitable and ideal for preparation of espresso
- our supply of Robusta is all year around


Variety we offer are:
Uganda AA
Blue Mountain Taste
Columbia Taste
Brazil Taste
Mocha Taste
Espresso 3
Charcoal Taste
Espresso 2
Espresso 4
Espresso 5

** We can tailor-made "the right mix" to appeal to different tastes in according to your market or requirement.**

Should you need to place your order or look for further information,please feel free to contact us. see details: http://www.hiwtc.com/company/1110887/

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