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About Anunay Fab Ltd

We would like to introduce ourselves to your reputed organisation.
We,as one of the leading two-star rated manufacturers/export house of India (Ahmedabad,Gujrat),are currently dealing in sheet sets from 180 TC to 1200 TC. The products which we are developing are bedsheets,comforters,shams,duvets,pillows etc.Also,we manufacture a wide range of terry towels.
Our current buyers are J&S,Born Marketing,Pheonix Int Inc.,Linens and essentia Inc. etc. see details:

Products/ServicesAnunay Fab Ltd supply/manufacture Bed sheets,duvet covers,pillow covers,fitted sheets,terry towels.
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Bedding  |-  Bedding Set  
|-  Bedding  |-  Pillow  
|-  Bedding  |-  Sheet & Cover  
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