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About G-World Co.,LTD

As a sister company of valeo phc of the pyeong hwa group,we are in a great position to supply many types of genuine and highly qualified auto parts including clutches at a highly competitive price with an utmost service that goes unchallenged at a standard authorized and maintained by iso-9001.
This proves that we are capable in maintaining a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of iso 9001:2002. Hence,you can be assured that we shall provide you only the best in every aspect. see details: http://www.hiwtc.com/company/1110504/

Products/ServicesG-World Co.,LTD supply/manufacture Auto Parts,Industrial Components,Steel
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Auto Accessories  
|-  Auto Parts  |-  Clutches & Parts  
|-  Auto Parts  |-  Shock Absorbers  
|-  Auto Parts  |-  Others  
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