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About MVCP International Trading Inc.

MVCP International Trading Inc. Is an import/indentor & export trading & manufacturing company.
We import & distribute automotive & industrial Battery,as well as supply all types of industrial requirements of our clients.
We manufactured,patented and market our own automated parking system.
In wanting to offer a solution to the rising fuel cost and environmental concerns,MVCP International Trading Inc. Establish MVCP Bio-Technology & Energy Resources Co. In producing & marketing Energi EnviroFuel Catalytic Additive. MVCP Bio-Technology & Energy Resources Co.,is one of the pioneers in the alternative fuel industry ( biodiesel ). We intend to export Energi EnviroFuel Catalytic Additive worldwide,to address the rising fuel cost at the same time the environmental problem brought by toxic emissions spewed on our air. see details:

Products/ServicesMVCP International Trading Inc. supply/manufacture Fuel Catalytic Additives,Pure & Clear Virgin Coconut Oil,Investment Consultant,Automotive & Industrial (VRLA) battery,Automated Parking System
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Auto Electrical System  |-  Auto Batteries  
|-  Consulting  |-  Investment Consulting  
|-  Batteries  
|-  Batteries  |-  Storage Batteries, Secondary Batteries  
|-  Petroleum & Products  |-  Fuel Oil  
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