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About Alara Ticaret

Alara Ticaret,an organization established back in 1998 in Tekirdag,Turkey,was primarily engaged in selling equine products. The phenomenal growth seen in the equine sector during the period 2000 - 2006 made us widen the range of products to meet the ever growing demands. Thus,the success came along with the right products offered at right prices at right time.

Today,the specialization in the marketing of equine industry products has placed us on the top with world reputed brands being represented by Alara Ticaret in the region. This has also made the company to offer an endless range of products meeting the demands of every individual in the equine industry -be a stable manager,vet,trainer,rider,farrier or a groom. see details:

Products/ServicesAlara Ticaret supply/manufacture Leather Products,Leather Garment,Slippers
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