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Relying on the abundant barium ore resource,we are among one of the biggest companies who act as manufacturer and distributor of barium salt. During the past 8 years,we have been exporting our products to Japan,Mexico,the USA,Australia and so on. Especially,our products have been taking up for 75 percent of the whole Japan market. Basing on the best quality and competitive price,we have won great reputations from our customers domestic and abroad. We have annual output of high purity barium sulphate 1000mt,barium chloride dihydrate 800mt,refined grade barium sulphate 3000mt monthly. Our barium chloride dihydrate is used in caustic soda electrolysis,metal heat treatment,pigments,ceramics,medicine,insecticide,made barium salts,tannage,softening agent and purify water etc. we also have 5 co-op manufacturers producing different types of barium sulphate. Our barium sulphate products are widely used in different paint,oil,pigment,printing ink,textile,glass,pottery,wireless industry,paper-making,plastic and rubber products. Besides we can also offer the barium sulphate of pharmaceutical grade.
Our headquarter,as an registered company professionally engaged in export of chemicals,with the principles of sincerity,coordination and value promotion,the stuff of our headquarter dedicate ourselves to the steady and long-term cooperation with you. Business majors include barium chloride,barium sulfate,barium hydroxide,barium nitrate,barium carbonate,Barium metaborate,strontium salts,Thiourea,Hexamethylenetetramine,sodium sulfite,sodium bicarbonate (food grade) and so on.
The barium metaborate product can resist corrosion,powder and mildew. It is good at color keeping,anti-stain and fire resistance. In painting industry as rusting-proof agent and pigments. Our thiourea product is a kind of pharmaceutical raw material,intermediate for drugs and synthesizing of sulfathiazole,bleaching agent in textile dyeing and printing,auxiliary of dyeing and anti-oxidant. It can be used as rubber accelerator,floating agent,rust-eaten agent of metal,developer and mix color agent in the field of photo material. It is also used in resin compression molding powder,cold wave,electroplating blueprinting,boiler washing and peroxide thiourea manufacture etc. the strontium carbonate is the basic raw material for strontium salts,electronic components and fluorescence materials. It is mainly used for materials of electrical industry,light storage fluorescence radiation material,fire fly glass and producing the glass shell of color TV,magnetic material such as strontium ferrite,as well as strontium titanium and electronic fine ceramics,also used as addictive for the electrolysis of zinc,paints (improvement of performance) ,red firework and signal flare. It is also applied in electronic ceramic,luminescent material with property of light accumulation,luminescent material and fluorescent glass,special ptc thermistor elements,fireworks materials,rainbow glass,medical & analytical reagent and electric parts production.
For your information,recently we have newly produced the high purity grade and electronic grade of barium salts (inc. Barium carbonate,barium chloride,barium nitrate,barium hydroxide) in our invested factory. We are now pushing the high purity kind of barium salts for ceramic of PTC / NTC,precision electronic apparatus,capacitor,resistor,LCD display,sensor,passive components,optical glass etc. our R& D department with advanced technology guarantees you the support of different chemical purities,shapes and granulometry (spherical crystal shape) ,particle size etc. see details: http://www.hiwtc.com/company/1108133/

Products/ServicesHongkong Saintshine Co.,Limited supply/manufacture Barium Chloride,Barium Sulphate,Thiourea,Nitrate,Metaborate,Electronic,Inorganic Salt,Industry,Filler,Filling,Industrial,Electron,Pesticide,Insecticide,Strontium
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