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About AMKM Pte Ltd

Sk-lynx provides automatic data aquisation and management products which sense and measure current information of a physical system in analogue or digital values,and store for scheduled collection or send live data to a computer by direct or remote communication.

Key components of our system include sensors,data loggers,communication peripherals,application softwares and computer hardwares customized for individual requirement.

If you are looking for complete,real-time,and accurate information at all times for evaluations and managements in civil,water resources and environmental engineering projects,we provide practical and cost effective solutions. see details:

Products/ServicesAMKM Pte Ltd supply/manufacture Water treatment,waste management
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Economic Cooperation  |-  Investment Opportunities  |-  Environment Projects  
|-  Environment Product Agents  
|-  Waste Management  
|-  Water Treatment  
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