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About JSC Radosin

The JSC "Radosin" was founded in 1993.
The main office is located in the capital of Ukraine-Kiev.
The major activities of the company are as follows:
- growing grain corps on the area of 20,000 hectares (wheat,corn,barley,oat,buckwheat,pea,sunflower,soy-beans) ;
- sale of urea,fertilizers;
- sale of cement;
- dealership of leading Dutch company DMT (selling agricultural equipment: expanders,extruders,granulators,dryers,etc.)
- grain export;
- pig and cattle breeding (area for cow-pasture is 1,500 hectares) ; we have Limousine,Abeerden,Angus,Simental;
- restaurant business;
- grain storage and drying: 2 elevators with the capacity of 24,000 tons and storehouse with the capacity of 30,000 tons,the enterprise can dry up to 40,000 ton of corn during a season;
- rendering railway and automobile shipping services;
- production of various mixed fodder for all species of animals (the production capacity is 150 tons per twenty-four hours) . Previous year new feed-mill plant together with leading Dutch company "HeemHorst B. V. " was put in operation.
In 2005-2006 we have started new projects:
1. Breeding of pigs jointly with well-know Dutch company "Topigs";
2. Breeding of turkeys jointly with Polish company Polfarm.
We are interested in activity according:
- establishing of joint ventures;
- sale of agricultural plants,fertilizers and cement.
We have projects and looking for the partners in such spheres:
- joint breeding of bulls and cows;
- sale of agricultural technique (tractors,combines etc.) ;
- sale of wood and joint processing of it;
- construction of biogas factories;
- transformation of rapes to biopdysels. see details: http://www.hiwtc.com/company/1105867/

Products/ServicesJSC Radosin supply/manufacture Urea
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|-  Agrochemicals & Pesticides  |-  Fertilizer  
|-  Cement & Sand  
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