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About PT. Dimensi saptakarsa

Our company was established in 2001,which mainly focused in trading and producing quality essential oils from local raw materials. Some of the essential oils are marketed in local market,while the rest are exported to China,India and trading company in Singapore.
We produce our product from best quality raw materials by steam distillation process in coordination with LIPI ( the government institution that promotes science and technology to industrial and community ). All processed are observed by LIPI in order to maximize the efficiency and to assure the quality that follows the international quality and standard. All batches are tested in LIPI laboratory which is among the most stringent in the country.
We also procured the essential oils from several reliable distillers in the country,which is through the production process that approved by LIPI. Every batch is tested for authenticity.
Through the years we have gradually increased our market share and also have widen our network with raw material suppliers throughout Indonesia. We are mainly strong in Massoia Bark oil and Patchouly oil since we have strong network in Irian Jaya & Sumatra,the central of raw materials. see details:

Products/ServicesPT. Dimensi saptakarsa supply/manufacture Massoia bark oil,patchouli oil,Health Care Products
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