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About Vihol Overseas Entreprenuer

We are working as an agent/representative for overseas manufacturer for their sourcing and sales activity. We are maily dealing with Paint and Ink raw materials. However,we are ready to work for other products.

We providing both services as an agent/representative i..e we source the material for manufacturing material from India and we are also selling the finish products if sutiable for indian market.

We are also welcome if any organisation want to open their Branch office or Liasioning Office India. We can provide our office and its infrastructure for their sales and sourcing actitivity. see details:

Products/ServicesVihol Overseas Entreprenuer supply/manufacture General Trade Agents
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  General Trade Agents  
|-  Paint  
|-  Pigment  
|-  Stone and Marble  |-  Granite  
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