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About CyBiz Solutions

We are an it solution provider and systems designer for both corporate and government sectors. We realize the need for customized solutions for everyday it issues and have embarked on a quest to provide our clients with the best solution to meet all their it needs. Such as:

Storage management solutions
Printer management solutions
Lan management solutions

Our solutions compromise both products and services catering to the below sectors:

Enterprise solutions & services
Educational solutions & services
Home solutions & services

All our products and services are supported by a host of established partners who have been involved in the it and service industry for a long time. see details:

Products/ServicesCyBiz Solutions supply/manufacture It solutions,storage management,printer management
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Consulting  |-  Technology Consulting  
|-  Computer  
|-  Server & WorkStation  
|-  Software  
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