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About Al-nasr For Services And Maintenance ( Queen Service)

El Nasr for Services and maintenance is one of the military national service institutions companies,it is also one of the pioneer companies in the service and maintenance field. Started in 20/8/1988 as an Egyptian stock company,aiming to serve the environment,society,facing the society developing and to keep inline with the economical and industrial revival that our state is having by the president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak ruling time. Also by the faithful efforts,the great performance,the accuracy and well tuning of the employees in the company; the company was able to gain the Egyptian and internationals' companies trust by:

*The hard work
*Unique good looking individuals appearance
*Accuracy and discipline in work
*Using the most modern equipment
So that the company services were well spread to cover the whole Arab Republic of Egypt.

The company

*Provides job opportunities for the youth,train and qualify them to work in the companies different fields. The employment number is now 7750 employees (workmen and women),always increasing.
*Yearly total work volume is 40 million EGP.
*Serving in 365 different locations.
*Provides social insurance and health care.
*Makes an insurance policy of 4 Million EGP for its operations.

Al Nasr for Maintenance (Queen Service) provides the potentials and energy to serve the society and the environment.

*Pest Elimination
*Cleaning Activities
*Security Activities
*Hotels and Hospitals Administrating
*Management of Buffets
*General Supplies
*Car Service Center
*Administrating Garages
*Nurseries Administrating
*Environment Care Projects
*Rent Cranes and Generators
*Containers Rents
*Lodging and Transportation
*Scrap Works
*Maritime Services
*Manufacturing Hand Works
*Administrative Services for the
Joint Training & Watching Points

Why Queen Service?

*To have perfect and stable level of service.
*For a well trained individuals using the most up to date equipment and a special unique uniform of the company.
*For answering all the clients' requirements immediately,24 hours a day.
*For a suitable cost.
*For making use of insurance policy.
*The company always seeks for developing the provided services to the clients,by great performance,well done work,accuracy in dates and good prices.

*It gives us pleasure to provide these services on the highest level of competence and experience that is proportionate to our clients. see details:

Products/ServicesAl-nasr For Services And Maintenance ( Queen Service) supply/manufacture Foodstuffs,Metal Waste,General Supplies
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Grain  
|-  Recycling  |-  Metal Waste  
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