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About Cv. Vigaro Int Co Tec Ltd

We estabilished in 2000 as being a real estate company,our profile for selling,re-selling,renting and searching were from the begining a good one. We expand ourselfs on all the selling markets,from 2001 when the digital millenium come in,we started to concentrate our working in sales for all electronc,electricals,mobile phones,digital cameras,laptops,pda`s,etc. We want to make strong contacts with our parteners,trying to get them the best that exists on the moment on this market,we are serious and honnest,as a prove we can anytime use escrow,we can accept locally pick up(meetings)Co.,ups exchange collect,t/t. We are here and 24 on a day 7 days from a week,we will work for you,and we will try to give you all the informations that you wants. We mention that all our goods are brand new,in saled boxes with full international warranty and accesories(if the manufacturer included them in the original box). We will wait for you,the real customers to contact us. see details:

Products/ServicesCv. Vigaro Int Co Tec Ltd supply/manufacture Camcorder
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Peripherals  
|-  Audio & Video Equipment  
|-  Photography & Optics  |-  Digital Photography  
|-  Photography & Optics  |-  Video Camera  
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