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About W. Knittel Glass Germany

Knittel Glass is the 2nd largest manufacturer of microscope slides and cover glass worldwide. As a German family owned company we focus on product quality as well as service quality. The use of European glass and modern robot production lines guarantees excellent product quality. All cover glass is made of borosilicate glass of hydrolytical class 1 and work perfectly within cover slipping machines. Slides are made of either soda lime or borosilicate float glass with superior flattness. Slides are available as wettable or with adhesive (positively charged) coatings. Diagnostic slides are also available. see details: http://www.hiwtc.com/company/1100356/

Products/ServicesW. Knittel Glass Germany supply/manufacture Microscope slides,cover glass,Medical Supplies
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|-  Medical Supplies  
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