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About Kabcera International Private Limited

#01. We are supplying h. T. L. T. Insulator&ceramic items in various company of india,such as m/s,visakhapatnam steel plant,bokaro steel plant,durgapur steel plant,etc.
#02. Ceramic centri cleaner nozzles to various paper manufacturer such as m/s,the andhra pradesh paper mills limited,emami paper mills limited,gulmohar paper mills limited,supreme paper mills limited,mysore paper mills limited,etc.
#03. Minerals/wood powder to m/s,bharat lub industries,kitply industries,hindusthan heavy chemicals limited,vidula chemicals limited,incab industries limited,etc.
#04. Industrial filterto m/s,greater calcutta gas supply corp. Limited,hindusthan heavy chemicals limited,filter bags to m/s,durgapur cement limited,mysore cement limited,acc limited,shalimar paints limited,jenson&nicholson paints limited,etc.
#05. Lubricants&grease to various company of india. see details: http://www.hiwtc.com/company/1100128/

Products/ServicesKabcera International Private Limited supply/manufacture Insulator,ceramic
Our company is listed in the following categories:
|-  Construction Machinery  
|-  Electronic Accessories & Supplies  |-  Electrical Ceramics  
|-  Petroleum & Products  |-  Lubricant  
|-  Filters  
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