BIZ Builder. Com, INC. Is a major U. S. Importer of quality consumer products in select market segments throughout the United States. Each year, we invest a great deal of time and energy to identify strong "growth" markets in the U. S. And aggressively seek out qualified factories [primarily in mainland China] to produce quality goods that can carry our strong brand name as we continue our rapid growth in specific targeted markets here in the U. S.

At the moment, we import well over $15,000,000.00 USD in products from China factories annually. In fact, this year [2006], alone, we anticipate a 16% growth in imports from 2005, and are projecting a 22% growth in imports for 2007. For 2006, our primary focus is on the following product categories:

1. Musical Instruments & Accessories. Currently, we supply over 2,650 music stores and 1,000+ schools nationwide in the U. S. With musical instruments of all kinds at wholesale prices. We also have a strong internal dealer network, with over 4,000 dealers reselling our products in "swap meets" and "flea markets" nationwide. Additionally, for 2007, we plan to open 500 retail outlets in major shopping malls throughout the U. S.

At the moment, we have a need for additional suppliers for our guitar lines, keyboard and assorted electrical instruments - which is our largest sales category for our musical instruments group nationwide. Currently, we feature guitars from several other factories in China with very strong cooperation. During our recent trip to the music China trade fair, we identified several additional products that we feel will compliment our current product line for 2006.

At this time, we're simply looking for additional suppliers that are capable of producing similar quality and are able to meet our increasing demand. Sales for our musical instruments group is expected to top $7.4 million USD for fiscal year 2006, alone.

2. Down Bedding & Clothing: This category is one of our fastest growing categories, with sales for 2006 expected to exceed $3.7 million USD. Again, we focus on providing goods to primarily retail stores throughout the U. S.

3. Home Appliances: Our Home Appliance Group markets a variety of products, including but not limited to juicers, microwave ovens, toasters, food processors, etc. To retail outlets nationwide. During our recent trip [at the Global Sources Show], we identified several quality factories and are hopeful to establish strong cooperation for 2006.

4. Toys & Hobbies: A very large part of our current import trade, we anticipate our 2006 sales to exceed $4.7 million USD. During our recent trip to Hong Kong [at the Kenfair Trade Show], we identified several quality factories and are hopeful to establish strong cooperation for 2006 and beyond.

5. Home & Office Furniture: This is our newest category, with sales already expected to exceed $1,000.000.00 for fiscal year 2006.

6. Luggage & Carry Items: A rapidly expanding market here in the U. S. We anticipate sales for fiscal year 2006 to exceed $2.4 million USD. At the moment, we are seeking several additional suppliers as we continue to expand our presence in this market segment.

In addition to our need for additional sources, we also offer outstanding opportunities for U. S. -based companies seeking reliable sourcing. At the moment, we currently support several thousand "home-based" businesses by providing "drop shipping" services for their business. Many of these companies market our products on online auctions, such as eBay.

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Products/ServicesBIZ BUILDER.COM supply/manufacture Electric scooters, gas scooters, down bedding, musical instruments, violins, cellos, trumpets, saxophones, backpacks, jewelry boxes
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