Buy optical frames made of water buffalo horn and bone

Dear Sir, I want to let you know about our company below. Founded at Sambhal in India AL JAHAN HANDICRAFTS is today much more than just a manufacturer of Cow/Buffalo Horn, Bone Products. AL JAHAN HANDICRAFTS is today a leading Global Horn Products Supplier with Comprehensive know-How Plates, Button, Tuggles Made & What its proper quality. We make buffalo horn plates for eyewear frame in natural coloure such as blabk, light, white, brown dark brown, black with white streaks. With arround 10-100 employees arround the company researchers and Development Centers Spread in factory campus and highest quality demands. We see ourselves as an innovative paterner of Horn Industries. It is our goal to make excellent quality on reliable price in the global compatative price time. this is the reason why we pioneer progress supported by more than 60 selectors and researchers from nearly every parts of factory.

Buyer: M Kazim(Email: ***) From 117.201.72.*** on Time: 2011-11-26 21:55:08

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