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Dear Sir. I'm interested in becoming a buyer of your product and become your regular ***your product would be a good addition to my inventory. I want to buys FM stereo Exciter OEM. But you can adjust the frequency from 88 to 108 MHz down 54-68 MHz? And we have a little requirement, can the module be controled by other MCU board (made by us) via RS-232 with following formats: - Baud rate: 9600, 8bit, N - Level: CMOS (0-5Volt) - Format: FREQ = xx.x + CR + LF (exp: FREQ = 61.5 + Cr + Lf, thatís mean 61.5MHz). Thanks and B.regards.

Buyer: Hoang Xuan Thuy(Email: ***) From 113.190.63.*** on Time: 2012-06-12 20:46:50

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